LitecoinUSD: 85.95EUR: 79.17RUB: 6,621.96CNY: 591.40
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USD: 85.95EUR: 79.17RUB: 6,621.96CNY: 591.40


Creating account

Register at website to get access to your account, where you will be able to view miner statistics, balance and get payouts.

Connecting miner

Currently pool is supports mining only with usage of ASICs.
To connect miner it is necessary to open miner web-interface, go to Miner Configuration tab and add addresses of our pool.

Main pool.

Pool1 URLstratum+tcp://
Pool1 workerusername.workername
Pool1 passwordx


would be preferably setup in case losing connection with main pool, miner automatically will change connection to Backup-pool - as a result not a single share will be lost. After renewal of main pool, miner will connect back to it.

Pool2 URLstratum+tcp://
Pool2 workerusername.workername
Pool2 passwordx

As a username use same account name as during registration. Capitalization is not important.
As a workername you may add any desired name, however it may not contain symbols except underscore _.

You may set same workername for multiple miners or may not set it at all. At this case worker name will be generated automatically and parameter worker in pool settings will contain only username.

Example of settings without setting workername: “username”.


After starting mining on our pool, after 2-5 minutes you will be able to sign in your account and observe time scale of Hashrate, average hashrate, number of shares, monitor hashrate in real time and average for past 24 hours, also indicative prognosis of income from mining based on your computing power.

In Workers tab it is possible to browse detailed information about each worker. In Payments tab you can see whole payouts history and current balance.