BitcoinUSD: 27,122.10EUR: 25,351.98RUB: 2,160,139.52CNY: 192,675.40
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USD: 27,122.10EUR: 25,351.98RUB: 2,160,139.52CNY: 192,675.40


Our first "silver"

Hello, friends! Today we will return 2 years ago, at the time of the launch of our LTC pool.

The first block in our history mined at Sigmapool was Litecoin block №1405548. If we draw analogies, imagine that your child took his first step in life — we felt about such emotions at that time. Today, our pool has produced 2026 blocks. 41980 coins were paid to LTC ($ 1,826,130 at the current exchange rate).

If you look at the main indicators of Litecoin 2 years ago, you can note the following dynamics:

  • Price - $ 132.33 ($ 42.53 today)
  • The number of coins in the block is 25 LTC (12.5 LTC today)
  • Mining Difficulty - 7.219M (5.326M today)

As you may have noticed, Litecoin is not in the best shape right now, and there are reasons for this:

  1. Litecoin never became the “digital silver" used to pay for coffee. In this field, forks of Bitcoin successfully compete with him.
  2. The coin is not popular with miners, since the mining market on the Scrypt algorithm doesn't develop.
  3. The advertised Lightning technology has not brought any significant advantages.
  4. Weak support for the turnover of this coin from merchants.

However, don't make hasty conclusions. We are sure that better times for Litecoin are ahead!

Be healthy, successful mining on Sigmapool!

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