BitcoinUSD: 57,048.51EUR: 50,479.77RUB: 4,196,950.49CNY: 363,804.05
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USD: 57,048.51EUR: 50,479.77RUB: 4,196,950.49CNY: 363,804.05


Welcome FPPS!

Dear participants of our BTC pool. We are glad to share with you important news. Today we realized the possibility of choosing the option of reward for the work done. Until recently, Bitcoin miners could enjoy only 100% PPS reward. It, as the name implies, is a payment for each valid share sent to the pool. An important advantage of this method lies in its stability and is a kind of classic among the mining pools.

Let us introduce you to a new payment method for our project - FPPS! From today you can go to it and appreciate. This is an improved method of reward, which has already managed to establish itself and come to taste of many miners.

Its main difference from the usual PPS is that the pool member receives an additional reward through the allocation of transaction fees. As practice shows, additional profits can vary from 10-20%!

The fee of the pool with this method of payment will be 4%

We want to provide you with the opportunity to make your own decision - which of the payment options is the most interesting and beneficial for you. Each of you can empirically determine what kind of rewards your tirelessly working machines, deciphering a cryptographic puzzle, are worth.

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